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JukeBaux allows your music playlist to be truly collaborative – in real-time. The power has shifted to the people.

JukeBaux says, “Down with musical monopoly. Your ears, your choice.” Whether you’re tailgating or hosting a house party, with JukeBaux you’ve stepped into a musical democracy.

You have all the hits, classics, and bangers on your iOS or Android device. JukeBaux allows you and your whole crew to easily upvote or downvote a song in the Baux. Not a fan of a party’s current vibe? Upvote the new Drake song to the top of the list and start bumpin’. 


Host a Baux and watch a plethora of party-goers flock to your location. 

Control the Baux. Set a maximum number of votes and determine if a song lives or dies. Say goodbye to the guy screaming, “Pass the aux, bro!”. 

Want to host another Baux? Multiple Bauxes can be stored in My Bauxes.


Open the app and find nearby Bauxes with the use of geolocation.

See nearby Bauxes. Get to the party. Live your best life. 



Every vote counts! Change the pace of the party with an upvote or downvote.

Bump up your favorites to the top of the Baux. 

Tired of the overplayed party anthem? Knock it down the Baux with a downvote.

The vote totals are displayed for you to see your song and where it resides in the Baux. 



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Darshan (left) and Kase (right) Vyas are the father-son team behind JukeBaux.


Dar is a board-certified surgeon and received both his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Michigan and completed his residency at Harvard Medical School. Dar comes to JukeBaux after having transitioned from surgical practice into numerous business and entrepreneurial ventures. His diverse skill set helps provide the execution required to bring distinctive, enduring and substantial improvement and growth for the business.


Kase is currently a Senior at Boston University studying math and computer science. His eccentricity and knowledge of data analysis and machine learning help bring a modern twist to the social music space.

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